Client-Specific Software Development

Simple Website to Complex Database: Our Solution is designed to perfectly meet Your Plan

Web Presence

Your Website is the digital face of your company. Usually, a person's first impression decides if a contact is going to emerge – this applies to the Web as well.

The website must appear intuitive to the visitor and directly lead them to the expected target.

Your digital business card or an online portal – whatever kind of presence you need: We help you find the suitable solution and realize it for you.


Who is my target group? Which content should be presented and in what kind of structure? In which ways should the user interact with the website? These questions and many more need to be answered in advance, before the actual appearance is discussed.


Corporate Identity requirements or complete re-design of the website – in this step, we make the concept tangible.


After defining concept and layout, we plan and perform the technical implementation. If you need a new domain, we register it for you as well.


We connect your website to the world. If you like, we take care of your site's Hosting and provide you with a CMS (Content Management System) which enables you to modify content by yourself. Our Monitoring System helps us ensure your website serves the world 24/7 without any unexpected interruptions.

Web Applications

In contrast to traditional software, web applications neither require users to install them on their machines, nor to update them after the release of a new version. Furthermore, web applications can be used in a device-independent manner: You can expect them to flawlessly interact with almost every device. Personalized logon information assures your data's security.

Thanks to our experience in data management systems, evaluation and statistics tools, delivery of ready-to-print catalogues and PDFs as well as automated e-mail dispatch, we fulfil your every wish.


Together we define wishes and requirements your future application should fulfil, and commit your vision to paper.


Next, we make a technical concept out of your vision. In doing so, we take into account the following factors:

  • Workflow and In-House Processes
  • Roles und Permissions
  • Data Structure and Interfaces to other applications


We develop your web application, build interfaces to other programs and eventually, your vision comes true. If you need a new domain, we register it for you as well.


We connect your web application to your company's intranet or even to the whole world. Of course we do the Hosting for you, provide you with an administration dashboard and monitor your application 24/7 using our Monitoring System, which helps us identify potential errors early.