Minimize Your Hardware Costs

Run your Hardware in an efficient manner

Virtualization lets you run multiple independent systems on shared hardware, which helps you optimize the use of existing hardware and minimize acquisition cost, operating expenses as well as migration time if you decide to move a system to different hardware. The latter saves you from a new installation of software after swapping a server or other hardware.

You need multiple separate networks? Let virtualized networks share a single physical connection. They will act as separate networks, but without requiring you to install numerous physical lines in your infrastructure, which helps you avoid unnecessary expenses.

Planning and implementing virtualized infrastructure requires a high degree of technical knowledge. Many years of experience distinguish us from our competitors and make us your ideal partner.


In order to reduce hardware costs, we decided to virtualize many of our servers. Virtualization enables us to run several server systems on a single physical machine, which better occupies our components and saves us operating and acquisition expenses. At the moment we run more than 200 virtualized systems (Windows and Linux) by means of Linux Kernel Virtualization KVM.


VLAN (Virtual LAN) is a technique that equips a single switch with several distinct networks. Configuring your switches the optimal way saves money when purchasing and during operation.

We run networks serving 1,000 client computers and more in protected parts of those networks.