Security in every respect

Only a secure connection is a good connection

Choosing the right network components and configuration is crucial to the performance and security of your network. Planning wisely helps you identify possible sources of errors in advance and prepares your network for future challenges like mobile workspaces and homeworking.

Only professional WIFI measuring can guarantee perfect wireless coverage without any unexpected dead zones. But also your wired network may suffer from connection problems which are identifiable by conducting band-width measurements.

Lines under heavy load sometimes require prioritization. Traffic shaping enables you to enforce a predefined band-width minimum for certain services such as e-mail delivery.

Many years of experience with large-scale networks operated for public organizations make us know the challenges and enable us to offer you perfectly-suited solutions.


Especially operating a WIFI infrastructure makes security an important part of your network. Our product portfolio ranges from lightweight pre-shared key solutions for home use up to multi-SSID solutions with personalized access for company and public networks via Active Directory and RADIUS.

Through our WIFI solutions we offer network access for public organizations serving over 1,000 clients.


VPN (Virtual Private Network) enables you to access data stored on your network's servers from everywhere. You can connect to your company through your favorite café's WIFI, and store files on your server as if you were there.

In various projects we not only offer access to 40 different networks to more than 300 users, but also cross-country dedicated lines connecting corporate networks between separate sites.


VLAN (Virtual LAN) is a technique that equips a single switch with several distinct networks. Configuring your switches the optimal way saves money when purchasing and during operation.

We run networks serving 1,000 client computers and more in protected parts of those networks.


The firewall protects servers, databases and applications against unauthorized access. It not only guarantees data security, but also prevents server overload by identifying and blocking attacks.

We maintain firewalls protecting various applications at hundreds of sites throughout the country.

Proxy Server

A proxy server controls which sites and content your network clients may access on the Internet. Providing Internet access to others makes you legally responsible for everything they do through your Internet connection. Therefore many companies and public institutions opt for proxy server software which enables them to selectively block individual sites or even entire subject areas.

Our product "nonono" is easy to administer and provides your organization with a complete solution ranging from simple Internet connnections to distributed company networks. At present, this solution is in action at more than 60 locations and features a growing number of customers.