Highly-Available Services

We give a secure home to your business applications

Not everybody possesses resources and know-how to run server infrastructure in a secure way. Operation oftentimes entails unconsidered challenges:

  • Reliability: Servers need power outage and heat protection.
  • Scalability: Increasing usage (more users, more accesses,...) requires memory size and computing power adjustments with regard to available hardware.
  • Foresighted actions: Handle errors before they become problems.
  • Continuous maintenance: Servers need to be updated periodically. On the one hand to patch vulnerabilities, on the other hand to optimize consumption of resources and support up-to-date features.
  • Protection against intruders: Your data need to be protected against security threats from outside by firewall and virus scanner.
  • Defective hardware: Hardware is not perfect. Sooner or later it is going to fail. Therefore redundant systems are required to prevent consequences that could affect the user.

Our solutions consider all these aspects and will be tailored to meet your individual requirements.

Mail Server

Nowadays, continuous accessibility of your e-mails is crucial. Business communications without a working mail server have become barely feasible. For our customers, we operate multiple mail servers that are accessed by up to 15,000 users. Our mail server solutions feature modern spam/virus protection meeting cutting-edge standards.

Web Server

Not only your company's e-mail service but also its website is expected to be accessible at all times. Currently we host more than 100 websites of all kinds. We can offer light-weight Web presences as well as heavy-duty platforms which serve hundreds of users with ease (see Development).

Active Directory

Active Directory is meant to be a central part of your Windows network. It enables you to determine which users/computers get access to your network, which files or printers are shared with clients logged-in to your network and much more.
Active Directory empowers us to manage access and authorization for about 25,000 users on roughly 6,000 machines using several domain controllers located in a data centre, and more than 50 distributed read-only domain controllers.


We employ the central configuration management system Chef to efficiently manage our multitude of server machines and services. This enables us to modify settings through a central instance which eventually distributes them to the target machines (Linux and Windows hosts).

Domain Registration

Running your own website requires you to organize your own domain. We register your favorite domain for you, take care of possible certificate requirements and periodically renew your domain registration.